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"A proper embouchure is the foundation of a player’s success. It is my mission to teach students of all skill levels how to form an embouchure that works for them."

Glenn's mission statement for all students:

“Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, all too often I hear comments of how the trumpet can seem so daunting and mysterious—one might find that sometimes they have “good days” and “bad days” on the horn, and they don’t know why this inconsistency takes place. They are puzzled why some players can play high and others can’t, and seem to feel resigned to the fact that some lucky people are just “born with it.” 

The answer to all of this, is a correct embouchure.


In my lessons, I de-mystify the mechanics of the trumpet and break down exactly how the embouchure works. I explain how to make your lips, face muscles, air, and tongue all work in conjunction with one another to produce ease in your playing. Once students grasp these fundamental concepts, they have the tools to carve whatever path they choose to go on in their trumpet journey."

Teaching experience:

Glenn is an experienced educator. In addition to his weekly roster of private students, he has held numerous teaching positions such as:


Jazz Angels: Jazz Band Coach. 2016-Present

Los Alamitos High School: Jazz Band Coach. 2016-Present

Applied Music Studio: Trumpet & Drumset Instructor. 2021-2023

Lindberg Middle School: Jazz Band Instructor. 2021

Alondra Middle School: Jazz Band Instructor. 2020

Hopkinson Elementary School: Director. 2019-20

Los Alamitos Elementary School: Band Director. 2019-20

McGaugh Elementary School: Band Director. 2019

Lee Elementary School: Band Director. 2018-20

Warren High School: Marching Band Tech (Visual & Music). 2018

Bellflower Music: Trumpet Instructor. 2017-20.

Irvine Arts & Music Academy: Trumpet & Drumset Instructor. 2018

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